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How To Relate Properly To Your Students

Posted by Alan on 29th April in Teaching & Learning

As part of my guest editorial programme, here is an interesting article raising some interesting points about relating to students. I feel these comments will be interest to new teachers or those student teachers undertaking initial teaching practice. How To Relate Properly To Your Students One of the most common problems that teachers face is […]


Posted by Alan on 5th March in Teaching & Learning

A note to Schools, Head Teachers and Teaching Professionals For those of you who may be interested, here are a list of topics of workshops and INSET days for the Spring. Please feel free to download the outline and contact me directly if any are of interest to you or your school. Course Thinking Skills […]

Dyscalculia Conference 26th March

Posted by Alan on 4th March in Teaching & Learning

I’m looking forward to this conference on the 26th March in Cornwall, and having just seen the programme it promises to be an enlightening event. The main sessions in the morning will be led by Professor Brian Butterworth and Patricia Babtie.

If You Haven’t Seen This …..

Posted by Alan on 26th January in Teaching & Learning

Are we as educators delivering a relevant curriculum?
Are we thinking about the future?
What place does creativity and innovation have in the learning experiences of our young?

Motivating Learning

Posted by Alan on 24th January in Teaching & Learning

When we use the word motivated we generally have an internal representation of an individual who has the ability to be focussed, on task and able to complete a project that has been set.

Gender Stereotyping and Learning – A Challenge

Posted by Alan on 22nd January in Teaching & Learning

I’m assuming that many parents and teachers are familiar with the ‘generalisation’ that boys tend to be better at maths and girls better at languages but is there anything in such notions.

A recent piece of research reminds us of the importance of finding ‘excuses’ for educational performance rather than looking at cultural challenges and self- limiting beliefs.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Revision

Posted by Alan on 4th September in Teaching & Learning

Whilst accepting that philsophically education is about more than passing exams, the reality is that examinations are part and parcel of the learning journey. The number of young people who approach their end of school or end of year examinations in a stressed, underprepared way is disproportionate to the amout of effort schools put into […]

Back to School

Posted by Alan on 4th September in Teaching & Learning

So another school year has passed – not sure where the time is going. I looked at my diary and found that the series of various school workshops booked as early as last March have now moved from ‘pending’ to ‘active’. On Monday I will be in Helston School offering some, hoepfully,  motivational and forward-looking […]

“Issues” or “Facts” ?

Posted by Alan on 16th June in Teaching & Learning

I found this report on an American ‘blog’ – quoted in its entireity below… U.K closer to Removing Climate Change from the National Curriculum If a government official’s recommendation is followed, children in the United Kingdom will no longer learn about “climate change.” Instead, British science teachers will go back to teaching “the basics” of […]

Brain Gym Nonsense!

Posted by Alan on 8th June in Teaching & Learning

In some of my school INSET workshops I often ‘play devils’ adviocate when it comes to discussing some of the more recent classroom activities which ‘Accelerated Learning’ Gurus have writen widely about. The idea that teaching according to the ‘specific learning style’ of the individual pupil for example. We all learning in different ways, with […]

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